High-quality Product photography services 

If you need images of your products we can accommodate one off through to large volumes we can create images of very small things to huge items on location, we are able to accommodate you in our studio or on location with our mobile studio. 
Really high quality product photography is traditionally very expensive, many of the product studios are located in London because the biggest volume of work is London based, they have huge overheads on their studios and have to pass that on to you the customer. Here at Elevated Imaging we own our studio so we have no outlandish overhead to pass on so our prices can be far more competitive. 
We are based in Aldershot but are very happy to travel as the project demands. 
"We capture the moments that matter" 

Images that sell your product 

We create images that sell your products, from simple high key shots to more elaborate photos we can create any style you need to make those compelling marketing images that sell your product. From single images of a product to large volumes of images to fill your catalogue we can meet your needs. We can produce product photography ideal for marketing, advertising, web sites and product packaging. 
Our photographer can shoot your products in our studio, or in situation at your site or a location of your choice. We even offer Aerial photography if your product would benefit from a different shooting angle. Contact us for a consultation, and we can arrange a shoot to meet your specific needs 

Simple Studio Images 

In our purpose built studio we can create the perfect image for you product. From single items to large quatities for a catalouge or web shop.  

Product Grouping 

Have a range of products? would the look better arranged together in a group shot, we can accomodate this and create beautiful and visually pleasing group shots. Our photographer has an eye for composition and by applying some of the rules of grahical design can make a group of products really stand out 

Low Key Images 

sometimes an image will look more visually pleasing using a low key setting in our studio we can create eye popping low key images that will make your products stand out from the crowd. With the use of skilled lighting and a dark background we can create high class low key images fr your product. 

High Key Images 

We can create beautiful high key images that emphasise your product without any distractions. We can also shoot agains a green or blue screen if you want an image with a transparent background. 

Lifestyle and Action 

We can create gripping lifestyle or action shots of your products in action so that the viewer gets a better idea of what your products do and the scle of them. We can shoot these images in our studio or at your location or at any other location that suits you. 

Large Products 

We can take images of large products, if we can get it in our studio we can shoot it here or we can bring a fully portable studio to you and create beautiful product images at your location. 

On Model Images 

Sometimes what you need is to show off your product on a model either to give a sense of size or to create a dramatic scene to best place your product in the right market. We can arrange models for you or we can shoot with your own model. We can also arrange makeup and hair. 

Studio Setups 

We can create a studio setup that is consistant for a series of products, or create a set to make a product look like is on location. We can create fantastical sets to show off your products and with the use of green and blue screen we can transform the image of your product into almost anything you can imagine. 

On Location 

Sometimes your products are just to big to move and place in any form of studio. In thses cases we offer to shoot your product on location, this could be at your loacation or factory or at a clients site. We can also create a series of images at your location of the construction process of your product. If you create your product in situation at a clients location we can do it there too. 
Based in-between Hampshire and Surrey, we are perfectly located for work in Guildford, Aldershot, Farnborough, Farnham and throughout the South East but will travel throughout the country if required. 
Our purpose built studio is located in Aldershot but we have a fully mobile studio that can be set up in almost any location indoors and out weather permitting 

Contact Elevated Imaging Limited 

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