Comprehensive aerial surveys 

Aerial photography can provide a better view of an entire landscape. Using our drones, we can map every corner of an area, especially the places which are not visible from the ground. We can take beautiful photographs that you can put on your business website, high-resolution images of flyovers and more. 
"We capture the moments that matter" 
Our drones are equipped with the latest high resolution cameras  
which take crystal clear, beautiful images and video from way up above.  
We are fully certified comercial drone operators who hold the PfCO issued by the Civil Aviation Authority  
allowing us to legaly and safely undertake comercial drone work. 
You can contact us for video recording services too. We can produce videos for short sales and showreels. If you have any queries, get in touch with our team members. They will be happy to assist you. 


Inspecting a roof can be very expensive especially if you have to pay for scaffolding to gain access. With our drones we can quickly and inexpensively survey a roof to give you the visual information you need. Taking a yearly set of images of your buildings roof can also help you to deal with insurers should anything go wrong and you have to prove that the damage is not age or wear and tear  


Need to show off your building property or business in marketing materials, what better ay than a set of stuning aerial images. From golf courses to hotels, or corporate offices to resorts, almost any business or property can be made to look good in an aerial image 

House Sales or Letting 

Show off your property to its full potential with a beautiful aerial shot.  
Aerial photography not only captures the full beauty of a property but also allows you to conevy the full scope of your land and its setting. 


It has become very fasionable to use aerial photography at weddings to create a romantic display of the guests and the Bride and Groom that is a little different from the stiff formal shots that have been taken since photography began. We can also create images from the air of some of the more important parts of your day to add a little twist to your wedding photographs that make the day even more memorable. 


Recording and reporting progress on a construction site is a constant and difficult job. an image or set of images can convey more to your investors than writing ever could. If the management team are based at distant locations a drone shot of the project can often provide the comfort they are looking for. 


Drones are a cheaper and more cost effective way of for surveyors to gather data. 
Drones can be used for; 
Topographical Surveys; 
Building and Land Progress Surveys; 
Volumetric Survey. 
Drones can be used for: 
Topographical Surveys: these provide highly accurate information and measurements in a fraction of the time taken by conventional methods. Tis data can then be used to produce site measurements, 3D models 2D maps and importing into CAD 
Building and Land Progress Surveys: Enabling progress reporting and monitoring. By setting a predefined flight path a survey can be repeated on a regular basis to emphasise the changes. This data can be used in 3D modelling software for even more clarity. 
Volumetric Survey: using a drone and 3D modelling software it is possible to provide very accurate volumetric measurements. This can be used to assess stockpiles, work out how much material has to be removed on a site. This method of assessing volume is easier quicker and more accurate than manual methods. 

Aerial roof surveys in Aldershot 

Here at Elevated Imaging Limited, we offer high-quality aerial roof surveys at affordable prices to customers in Aldershot, Hampshire and Surrey. 

Advantages of aerial roof surveys 

Inspecting a roof can be very costly and in some cases requires the erection of scaffolding and the inherent dangers that are associated with it. Scaffolding itself is not a quick process and requires time to order, erect and remove. Using a UAV to survey a roof is quick, far less dangerous and far less costly. 
At Elevated Imaging Ltd we can deliver crisp images of your roof for inspection without the costs and risks associated with conventional methods. The added benefit of using a drone is that it can get into places where scaffolding can't and provide complete views of the problem. 
Aerial surveys are best for identifying damaged tiles which are not easy to find, mainly because they are in a part of the roof which is physically inaccessible. You will also have a better idea about the condition of your roof.  
Based in-between Hampshire and Surrey, we are perfectly located for work in Guildford, Aldershot, Farnborough, Farnham and throughout the South East but will travel throughout the country if required. 

Contact Elevated Imaging Limited 

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